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The Healing Touch Professional Association is an integral part of the Healing Touch Program. The Healing Touch Professional Association strives to inspire the personal growth and professional development of every student and practitioner of Healing Touch. Healing Touch Program offers the highest quality, standardized, ANCC accredited education. 

Our Purpose


• actively supports your professional presence globally by being the collective voice for you and all of our members

• supports your healer development through advanced energy education and self-care resources

• supports you in the creation and management of a successful healing practice through business development tools, support and education

• fosters a strong supportive community for you through community activities and resources so you can share, learn, and support each other

• collectively represents you in health care and legislation as practitioners of Healing Touch and Energy Medicine

• provides you with professional recognition as adhering to and promoting adherence to the Healing Touch Program Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

Our Core Values 

Healing Touch Program empowers holistic health and wellness through high quality education and services that expand and strengthen the field of Energy Medicine. We are honored and privileged to continue the legacy of Healing Touch created by Janet Mentgen. We are a strong community dedicated to the mission of bringing healing to the world.

Our core values define the best of who we are and the people we want to work with and serve. They help us attract the right people to fulfill our purpose and achieve our vision.

Core Value #1 Dedication

We show dedication in all we do. We are loyal to the company and each other, committed to our customers, and focused on the goals that move our company towards achieving our vision. 

Core Value #2: Honest

We are honest and transparent with our communication with co-workers and customers. We use our best judgment to do the right thing. We take responsibility for our actions.  

 Core Value #3: Smart

We are thinkers and innovators. We are dedicated to solving problems, we consider how situations impact others and the company, and we have a strong desire to learn new skills to grow in and through our work. We make thoughtful decisions and give considerate advice.

 Core Value #4: “Just Do the Work”

We get things done! We are pragmatic and efficient. We are self-motivated hard workers and have an excellent work ethic, demonstrate personal responsibility and will persevere to get things done right and on time. 

 Core Value #5: Leadership

Our attitude and aptitude are those that exemplify leadership. We are determined, courageous, and fearless. We encourage others by inspiring and modeling, are interested in supporting the development of others, and respect and protect our co-workers and customers.   

 Core Value #6: Fun!

We are FUN to work with! Our life is a reflection of our attitude. We are playful and humorous, and above all we have positive energy and attitudes. We use positive words to describe our co-workers, our opportunities and our company.  

Our Inclusion Commitment: Healing Touch for All

At Healing Touch Program, diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are. Our commitment to these values is unwavering – across all of our work, our classes and community around the world. They are central to our mission and to our impact. We strive to create space that reflects the clients and customers we serve and where everyone feels empowered to bring their full, authentic selves forward. More importantly, creating an environment where everyone, from any background, feels welcome, valued and safe.

Meet our Team

Christine Salas, LCSW, HTCP

HTPA Community Director

Christine has been the HTPA Community Director since April 2021. Christine is passionate about nurturing others to bring their best and brightest self forward and aspires to amplify the healing in this world through facilitating connection and support for Healing Touch students, mentees, and professionals. Christine currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, daughter and dog. She enjoys spending time in nature with her family including hiking, gardening, and camping.

Ann Darmstetter, Level 2 Student

HTPA Administrator

Ann has been with Healing Touch Program since 2010 and has worked in many aspects of the company. In addition to her role as the website administrator for HTPA, she is also the administrator for Energy Medicine Professional Association (EMPA) - our insurance division and administrator for Healing Touch Certification (HTC). She is part of the Healing Touch Program leadership team as the Director of Services. Ann enjoys being active, spending time with family and friends and learning new things.


Gabriele Schlumpberger, HTCP, Life Coach, SHTP/I, LMT

HTPA Virtual Chapter Co-Lead

Gabriele is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Life Coach, Self-Healing Technique Practitioner and Instructor and Massage Therapist, living in North Carolina. Her mantra is “Heal & Empower Yourself.” Her 25 years of experience with different healing modalities has enabled her to tap into that wisdom and bring to the classes, workshops, gatherings and sessions what is  needed in that moment.  

Sarah Sherbenou, BNS, HTCP, Life Coach, Schmico-Therapy

HTPA Virtual Chapter Co-Lead

Sarah's journey with Healing Touch began in 2014, shortly after she completed nursing school and was seeking additional ways to support her Oncology patients in the hospital. Presently, Sarah is dedicated to being a full-time mom and a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) in her private practice. She also actively hosts workshops involving energy medicine. Her passion lies in guiding her clients on a transformative journey to "Learning to Love their Lovesong" again through a blend of various therapeutic techniques. 

Emilia Younge, HTP-A

HTPA Book Club Lead

Emilia Wahili Onkhteo (Comes With War) is a long-time student of Healing Touch, who simply loves ‘doing the work’ in many different ways and settings. She is the lead volunteer for the HTPA Book Club and a chapter lead in Houston Texas.  Emilia believes in the importance of community for the mental health of healers and is grateful for HTPA’s role in this. 

Dianne L. Noel, RN, BSN, HTCP

HTPA Book Club Co-Lead

Dianne is an  RN -Healing Touch Certified Practitioner who is passionate about supporting the best energetic health   possible-  by using approaches that allow the body's natural ability to recover, restore, renew and re-energize-- to HEAL!  She is dedicated to life long learning and exploration and is a self proclaimed Foodie, empath and sensitive soul.  She is committed to yoga, meditation, Nia dance and outdoor biking.     

Anya Charles,

Content Creator, Social Media Marketing, Virtual Assistant 

Anya works behind the scenes to create insightful and inspirational content for the HTP and HTPA teams to spread their message to the Healing Community and beyond. She is passionate about health, wellness and creativity, and aligns with the ethics of all that encompasses Healing Touch. Anya is a lover of reading, writing, photography, and traveling, and time spent in nature. 

Professional Alliances

We would like to take time to acknowledge the HTP and HTPA professional alliances and growing network. These affiliate organizations are becoming key partners in helping to support our community and we intend to continue to foster dynamic and mutually beneficial relationships for professional development and community support. 

Healing Touch Professional Association endeavors to provide its members with information and resources that support practitioners in their professional practice. We think you will find the following alliances offer both relevant and stimulating information.

The Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology is recognized as the largest organization that promotes research and application of Energy Psychology.

As the definitive voice for holistic nursing, the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA)  promotes the education of nurses, other health care professionals, and the public in all aspects of holistic caring and healing. AHNA serves as a bridge between conventional healthcare and complementary/alternative healing practices.  As health care professionals, holistic nurses may integrate complementary and alternative modalities (CAM) into clinical practice to treat the whole person and view healing as a partnership between a person seeking treatment and their practitioner.

Awakening Healing Axis - YOUR PATHWAY TO HIGHER FREQUENCIES: Birthing a New Paradigm in Energy Therapies. Our work focuses on raising the collective frequency of ourselves and those we share with, that we can aid the ascension of the human consciousness.

Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) is an international collaborative accelerator of scientists, health practitioners, innovators, educators and artists, who forward the transdisciplinary science and real-world application of consciousness and healing practices. CHI fosters a social movement to place health and healing at the center of our personal and global consciousness, in order to build healthier societies and sustainable stewardship of our planet.

Energy Medicine Partnerships mission is to provide Energy Medicine and Energy Therapy training, practice and support to empower individuals, families, groups, and organizations to achieve integrative / holistic health and wellness in body, emotion, mind and spirit. EMP prepares practitioners, specialist and instructors in Transform Your Life through Energy Medicine (TYLEM).

Energy Medicine Professional Insurance (EMPI) is a professional association that offers you useful resources and valuable protection. We recognize there are many Energy Medicine modalities and that the practitioners of these modalities are working in a common field and have similar needs. EMPI believes by bringing resources together all Energy Medicine Professionals became stronger.

Energy Medicine Specialists (EMS) is a center of excellence in energy medicine, education and integrated health care. It exists to foster healing and wellness for the students and community we serve. Energy Medicine Specialists strives to provide practitioners with the highest ethical and educational standards in the field of energy medicine. EMS offers advanced practitioner coursework for your energy medicine practice both in the United States and around the world. Website: 
EMS offers the following courses in Colorado and across the country:
A list of the current classes can be found on the EMS calendar.

Intuition Discernment and Development

Pendulum Tools for Advanced Practice

Energy Medicine in Surgery

Energy Medicine for Teens

Advanced Chakra Diagnostic and Treatment

Master-Level Practitioner Training – Hara

Hara Practicum

      Healing Touch for AnimalsĀ® (HTA) is a holistic approach influencing the health and well-being of animals through energy medicine and intention. HTA techniques restore harmony and balance to the animal’s energy system while providing physical, emotional, mental and instinctual stability.

      Stabilizing the energy system allows the natural succession of the body’s physiological response to support the immune system which encourages the healing process and promotes well-being. HTA can be used on all species: small and large animals, birds, aquatics, exotics and humans. Anyone who has the desire to assist another animal or human can easily learn HTA.

      The HeartMath System offers both technology and training options to help you harness the power of your heart rhythms to manage your emotions. Doing this reduces your stress, improves your health, your ability to focus, to communicate better, be more creative, as well as more balanced in your interactions, which in turn improves relationships. 

      HeartMath is a "triple bottom line" mission – people, planet, profit – founded by Doc Childre in 1991 out of a deep care for people and the planet, and a desire to develop effective and scalable methods and technologies to help people self-regulate emotions and behaviors. HeartMath includes the non-profit Institute of HeartMath, the for-profit HeartMath Inc. (Quantum Intech Inc.) and its operating company HeartMath LLC to create shared value, which involves creating economic value in a way that also creates value for society by addressing its needs and challenges.

      HearthMath Institute offers the following useful tools and information:

        Holistic Chamber of Commerce is an expanding organization representing holistic professionals, practitioners and businesses. We encourage and promote healthy living, and support the professionals and businesses that make it possible.

            The Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy (ISHA) offers two educational programs: Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry which focuses on Spiritual Healing or Energy Healing and a Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy program to prepare practitioners like you in the art of hands-on healing and anointing with essential oils. Both programs are forms of energy medicine used in complementary health care, private practice, ministry settings, or for personal wellness.  Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry and Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy courses are available throughout the United States and in some other countries–Canada, Australia, Trinidad.

              Co-Founders of Thrive Academy, Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs have taught over 50,000 Healers, Coaches, and Holistic Practitioners how to market their practice and get more clients.Whether your vision is to have a Thriving 1-on-1 practice or to become a Transformational Leader (where you lead groups, workshops and live events and get your message out in a big way). 

              Thrive Academy offers ways to support you to reach more of your ideal clients. Thrive Academy offers the following free resources:

                Voice for HOPE works to make “natural” approaches to health an explicit and valued part of national health policy by: 
 1) tapping into the energy of the nearly one hundred organized “natural” health modalities currently being used by an estimated 200 million Americans, and 2) focusing it onto the national health policy debate by organizing a broad range of individuals and professionals — an undertaking intended to transcend political identities and affiliations. Voice for HOPE’s purpose is to provide leadership and strategic vision to focus the energy of the “natural” health constituency on the national health reform effort.  HOPE’s goal is to organize HOPE Builders in each of the nation’s 9500 congressional and state legislative districts as guides, helpers and information sources for policy makers. 

                The Watson Caring Science Institute is an international non-profit foundation created to advance the philosophies, theories and practices of Human Caring, originated by Jean Watson, Distinguished Professor Emerita and Dean Emerita of University of Colorado Denver, College of Nursing, where she held the Endowed Chair in Caring Science at the University of Colorado Denver and Health Sciences Center. The Theory and Science of Human Caring seeks to restore the profound nature of caring-healing, and bring the ethic and ethos of Love back into Healthcare. Through an extended network of professional, clinical and academic colleagues, the Institute will translate the model of Caring-Healing/Caritas into more systematic programs and services which can continue to transform healthcare, one nurse/one practitioner/one educator/one system at a time.

                The WSCI is dedicated to help the current health care system retain its most precious resource, competent, caring professional nurses, while preparing a new generation of health professionals in a broader model of Caring Science. The WSCI will help to ensure caring and healing for the public, reduce nurse turnover, and decrease costs to the system.

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