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Advanced Case Management with Janna Moll, MSN, HTCP/I, LMT

Learn about how Case Management is more than just documentation and providing continuity of care through a series of appointments.

Amelia Vogler, MS, HTCP/I, Executive Director of HTPA interviews Janna Moll, MSN, HTCP/I, LMT on her advanced Case Management course. Together they explored what advanced case management can offer the client and practitioner relationship to deepen the healing of the client. 

In this on-demand interview, we will cover:

·        Why we 'really' document our work

·        What goes into advanced case management

·        An example and demo of how strong case management skills can lead a client to further insights about their current state


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CEs are not available for this training.

Embracing Higher Frequencies with Instructors of Awakening Healing Axis

Amelia Vogler, MS, HTCP/I, Executive Director of HTPA interviews the wonderful trio of instructors through Awakening Healing Axis.

In this interview, you will learn or experience:
1)  The innovative collaboration of the 3 energy healing practitioners who have come together to form Awakening Healing Axis, an organization that facilitates Enhanced Healing Workshops throughout North America.
2) The importance of always working from one's heart space.
3) Raising one's frequency through Core Star Elevation and Hara Expansion
4) The significance of individual work for self growth as healing practitioners and developing a collective expansion of consciousness.
5)The science supporting energy medicine through a deeper understanding of human physiology as it interfaces with the multi dimensional biofield

Awakening Healing Axis (AHA) is a new trio of brilliant voices in the field of Energy Medicine comprised of Jeannette Nienaber, Tim McConville, and Franny Harcey.  Through the synergy of their collaboration they have found it is possible to go much deeper into the work of personal healing, bringing forward new healing techniques to increase your understanding of the science supporting energy medicine. They also support energy practitioners in the development of their professional practice through new insights in esoteric healing, human physiology, and energy medicine through the multi-dimensional bio fields. They have come together to  support a new paradigm of healing that focuses on raising the collective frequency to aid the ascension of the human consciousness.
Learn about their new program and experience some of their high frequency healing in a gifted guided meditation and short teaching about the Hara system.



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  • Public Registration: $5.00


CEs are not available for this training.

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