Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine: The Benefits of Laughter Yoga by Teena Miller

  • 07/14/2016 1:51 AM
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    Teena Miller
    In Gratitude and complete Joy for the opportunity to express what I do as a Certified  Laughter Yoga Teacher and Laughter Therapist-- true energy medicine! 

    Come attend and hear me speak at  the 2016 All America Laughter Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, Oct. 7 to Oct. 10, 2016. 

    Hear me Speak at the California NAMI Conference  August 26 to August 28, 2016 at the San Francisco Hyatt at the Airport. 

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    Laughter turns your body from being acidic to alkaline.  Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment.

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    Dr. Ramona, Ph.D, HTCP

    Hi everyone!

    If you wish to learn more about Teena Miller you can reach her through her website:

    Renee and I have also assembled these references for you to read and learn more about the impact of laughter yoga on health and wellbeing. 

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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Join us for a discussion on Laughter Yoga.

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