Empathy in The Practice of Energy Medicine: A Channel for Transformation with Steve Taylor, PhD

  • 05/11/2016 8:41 PM
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    Ines Hoster

    I am interested in the notion of being an empath and being able to maintain healthy boundaries and staying grounded at the same time.

    I have had several HT students who had tremendous boundary issues and felt bombarded by all the information that comes their way.

  • 05/11/2016 8:16 PM
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    I am unable to connect on the web to listen.  Is there any solution to this readily available?  I do not have a land line phone and only limited cell phone minutes.  Thanks.

  • 05/11/2016 8:14 PM
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    Hi, I am registered for this live call tonight and cannot figure out how to listen in. Am I missing something with the support technology? Linny

  • 05/11/2016 8:10 PM
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    Is this supposed to be a live call/interview?  I have been trying to connect via web and not successful at all.  I guess I will have to listen to it as a past recording.

    Please advise what else I should do next time, I do enjoy live calls.

    Thank you.

  • 05/11/2016 12:35 PM
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    Renee Rolle-Whatley, Ph.D., HTCP

    Hi Everyone!

    Below, I've provided a list of Dr. Steve Taylor's books that we referenced in our interview as well as several evidenced-based research studies discussing empathy, its origins, gender differences, neural correlates, and its impact on medical practitioners. Enjoy!

    As always, we appreciate your insightful comments.

    Dr. Renee and Dr. Ramona

    Taylor, S., Waking from Sleep: Why Awakening Experiences Occur and How to Make Them Permanent, New York, NY: Hay House, Inc.: 2010


    Taylor, S., Out of the Darkness: From Turmoil to Transformation, New York, NY: Hay House, Inc.: 2011


    Taylor, S., The Calm Center: Reflections and Meditations for Spiritual Awakening, New York, NY: Hay House, Inc.: 2015


    Decety, J. and Svetlova, M., Putting together phylogenetic and ontogenetic perspectives on empathy. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience 2 2012:1-24. doi:10.1016/j.dcn.2011.05.003


    Decety, J. and Fotopoulou, A., Why empathy has a beneficial impact on others in medicine. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. 2015;8(457):1-11.  

    doi: 10.3389/fnbeh.2014.00457


    Derntl, B., Finkelmeyer, A., Eickhoff, S., Kellerman, T., Falkenberg, D. I., Schneider, F., & Habel, U.,  Multidimensional assessment of empathic abilities: Neural correlates and gender differences,  Psychoneuroendocrinology. 2009 Nov;35:67-82.  doi:10.1016/j.psyneuen.2009.10.006


    Gleichgerrcht, E. and Decety, J., Empathy in clinical practice: How individual dispositions, gender, and experience moderate empathic concern, burnout, and emotional distress in physicians, PLoS ONE 2013;8(4): e61526. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0061526

  • 05/11/2016 12:21 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

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