Vitalizing our Biofield: Health Implications of Earthing & Biofield Measurement Devices with Dr. Gaétan Chevalier

  • 04/18/2016 7:22 PM
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    Dr Gaetan Chevalier

    I can not believe I missed this! I had it on my calendar for today, Monday April 18th as the other HTPA calls were. Is there any way to obtain a replay copy of Dr Gaetan Chevalier's session? Thank you.

  • 04/13/2016 9:10 PM
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    What about insecticides in our grass? Does that inhibit earthing in any way?

  • 04/07/2016 5:08 PM
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    Renee Rolle-Whatley, Ph.D., HTCP

    HI Everyone:

    To reach Dr. Gaétan Chevalier, please visit his websites at:

    You can reach him at:

    Do you have the earthing book in your library?  Dr. Chevalier wrote Appendix A: The Physics of Earthing.

    Title:  Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! by Clinton Ober, Stephen Sinatra and Martin Zuker

    Our April speaker, Dr. Chevalier, will be using slides.  Please download the .pdf at so that you can follow along with us as we go through the slides.

    Dr. Chevalier is also providing a free Earthing grounding mat to those members and guests who were on the call Wednesday evening.  Please send your email contact information to:  We will send you what you need to know to receive your free gift.   Looking forward to hearing your voices on the call!

    Below you will find a list of research references on earthing and biofield diagnostic devices to get you started.  Enjoy!

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