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    • 10/23/2019
    • 11/06/2019
    • 3 sessions

    The art and science of storytelling—understand your ideal client’s story, and understanding your own—can allow healing practitioners of all kinds to reach and attract exactly the right people without icky, impersonal mainstream marketing.

    And thank heavens for that. Like many people who work from the heart, I love my work and want to reach more people, but find the concept of “marketing” artificial and uncomfortable. Add in the sales tricks and sales funnels and not-quite-honest tactics, and you get something that can run completely counter to the way people like us want to be in the world.

    The good news? More and more, people are choosing differently. They’re making the decision to work with a business or a practitioner not because they’re the “best,” or the sparkliest, loudest, or cheapest. Instead, they choose based on whether you genuinely see them, get them, and care what happens to them.

    And that’s where story comes in.

    The purpose of this online series…

    …is to show you how adopting a story mentality—listening, gathering, and sharing— can help attract exactly the people you most want to help, without the ick factor.

    In it, you’ll learn:

    • How NOT to reach out to new potential clients, remembering that they don’t need yet another ad, yet another sales pitch
    • How to step into the world of “your people,” the ones you most want to build a relationship with, and learn your role in transforming their current story into a story where they feel stronger, healthier, and happier
    • The ten kinds of story tools that are the easiest to begin with, and see examples of effective, honest business storytelling at work
    • Where in your own marketing, website and social media you can start sharing your own story elements
    • A list of ways to approach potential new clients that feel (to you both!) more like friendship than marketing
    • How to develop a regular content-sharing ritual that shows the world what matters to you, explains how your work, er, works, and invites people into your world

    The shape of the course:

    Week 1: An on-demand video introduction to storytelling to promote our work, with tools, strategies, and live examples. You’ll receive the companion Storytelling for the Healing Practitioner workbook

    Week 2: In this work week, you will explore the companion workbook full of prompts and exercises to begin articulating your stories. You can email your questions to me during this week and I’ll answer.

    Week 3: Live workshop and Q&A session covering:

    • Your ideal client’s stories: Knowing and appreciating what they want to change, be, do, or have
    • The story of you: Your work, why you chose it, and ways to show how it can help and heal
    • Free range stories: The stories we’d love others to be telling the world about their experiences with us, and how to cultivate those
    • Your questions

    Join us!

    For an affordable price, you’ll learn how to use the power of storytelling to reshape your marketing and promotion to be more human, genuine, and effective…and just feel better in your body.

    This is a 3-part online training:

    October 23th, 30st and November 6th

    It includes: 

    2 hours of video training and Q&A sessions with Margaret

    Downloadable video and audio recordings of the Week 1 and Week 3 sessions, as well as our chat discussion log

    25+ page workbook, Storytelling for the Healing Practitioner

    Register now:

    HTPA Members: $60 USD

    Public: $75  USD

    Recordings available if you can’t make it to the live sessions

    • 11/16/2019
    • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Amsterdam, NY

    About Your Community Day

    This day is for YOU and your community and we at the Healing Touch Professional Association are honored to share it with you. 

    Amsterdam, NY

    Saturday November 16, 2019

    We are thrilled to invite you to the beautiful city of Amsterdam, NY (50 Miles from Albany, NY) as we come together in community to experience and celebrate “Centration - A Day of Coming Together." 

    Conference Purpose: 

    Gather in celebration of where we are, where have been, and where we are going.

    Conference Objectives:

    • Honor our past and continuing journey
    • Increase awareness of our connection in the greater energy healing community
    • Deepen our experience of making a difference by "just doing the work."
    • Recognize heart centeredness as a gift each of us brings to each other on our journey together
    • Expand understanding of HTP, HTPA, and HTWF resources

    The conference begins at 9:30 am on Saturday November 16, 2019.  This journey will be a time of listening, sharing, and learning with others from the Healing Touch community.

    For more information, see the Community Day website here. 

    To register, go here.

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