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02/25/2017 8:43 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Topic of conversation:  Charging for Healing Touch Sessions

The evening began with Amelia began the evening with a blessing and a brief synopsis of all that she is working on and developing.  The information is available on the website.  Then, Amelia introduced Cindy Parsons as the new facilitator for Conversations that Matter, part of the HTPA Community Conversations series.

Cindy began the conversation by listing many topics people have around the discussion of charging for HT.

Do you charge? How much? How long are your sessions? What is your locale?   (urban vs. rural) Are you charging enough? What do you charge as a HT student, practitioner, apprentice, certified practitioner?  Do you have other modalities? Do you charge the same for your other modality as you do for HT?  If not, is HT more or less? I hear many people say they are afraid to charge - Is that OK? If you don’t charge, do you ask for donations?   If you don’t charge, does that undermine your neighboring practitioners? If you volunteer, do you charge?  same amount or lower rate?  Donations? “Don’t let other people shop with your wallet?”  What does that mean?  (It means don’t under value your worth or, charge what you are worth.)


We actually spoke with all the callers about what they charge.

It was an interesting call with a lot of interactive Q&A’s.  There were a lot of HT students and practitioners on the phone.  They were very interested in what people were charging, how long the sessions were, and how to determine what to charge.

The fees varied, many people had packages.  The practitioners felt that a package drew clients in and then offered incentives to long term clients to keep them coming back.  One con of having a package, once the package is complete, how do you keep the client returning.  Someone suggested changing the verbiage.  For example, if you offer a 3 session package, state; “You should start with a 3 session package over a 6 week period of time.  When those sessions are complete, we will reevaluate how often you should return for treatment.”  The thought is, you entice people to try HT over a defined period of time, make sure they get enough treatments that they will see a benefit, and you set the intention that they will return on a regular basis.


There was a lot of discussion regarding volunteering HT vs. charging for HT. 

A caller from MN stated:   Her biggest challenge is the other practitioners who volunteer all their services  She would like to ask her fellow practitioners to please charge for your services.  She clarified there is a value to volunteerism and she does volunteer HT services.  However, as practitioners, we’ve invested time and money into this career.  We deserve to be fairly paid as we want to make this our full time job.  She said, many people are retired and have time to volunteer.  Very few young people are in the HT community because they need to eat, they need to be paid.  A few places, hospitals and rehab centers have hired HT practitioners.  This caller was talking to a physician.  The physician told her, “When you don’t charge for what you do, you disrespect your career and craft.”

How to determine your fee:

Many people said, they meditated and asked the universe for guidance.  Many people felt they undercharged for what they offered.  There was a lot of hesitation to increase their price based on locale, client type,  Some callers have used a business coach to help set their fee and improve the number of clients they were seeing.  Another caller asked who has a full time HT practice, how many clients do you see per week and how do you monitor your energy?  This will be discussed further at the next call.

Amelia shared her information regarding a corporate wellness program she is providing.

There was a question about, did anyone work in a facility strictly as a HTCP practitioner, if so, what was the hourly/salary rate?  No one on the call works in that capacity.

Fees from around the country.  The country was well represented with some rural and a lot of urban practitioners.












$597 - 3 SESSIONS  then $150/SESSION

Does aromatherapy and guided imagery with HT




$90 minimum   Sessions last 1.5-2.5 hours



Didn’t say

Trying to build a business in area with a lot of HT volunteer clinics



$125 1st session

$95 - other sessions

Clientele - cancer patients - Has mobile HT business  - Charges $25 drive time fee




Apprentice - plans on increasing when HTCP

NY - Albany



Apprentice, feels good with the amount she receives.  Volunteers, do what your heart tells you.  Charge something for the value of what you are offering.




HTP - does some volunteer work



Package $450/5 sessions

also does psychotherapy




Returning clients - $50 session if commit to monthly sessions.


Mobile service

Package $300/5 sessions

Clients are caregiver and wounded warriors.



$90/session, donations,

less for students, wants HT accessible to everyone.



$240 - 2 hr. intake

$125/1.25 hours





$50/children - 30 minutes

Offers packages and payment plans.







$60 non member

$45 member

Paid to Y, not to the practitioners

NY -upstate



no one blinks an eye at the charge




rents office, needed to charge more than home office.






May 23 is our next Conversations that Matter Open Call:

Discussing the ‘Pros and Cons of working in an office vs. a home office.  View more information here.

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