Announcing our New Executive Director of HTPA

04/18/2016 9:58 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Dear HTPA Community,

It is an honor to be stepping into this new role as your HTPA Executive Director. Before I tell you a little about myself and my plans for HTPA, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the following women:

Janet Mentgen – our founder of Healing Touch Program.  Janet’s dedication to her own personal and spiritual mission gave an opportunity for the HTPA.

Sharon Robbins - our visionary and creator of the HTPA organization. Sharon’s visions of professionalism, kind leadership style and high integrity created the base for the work that we will continue to evolve together.  

Dawn Warnaca - our acting HTPA Executive Director.  Dawn’s spark and magnetic charge was an essential element in reviving the energy around HTPA during a transitional time.  Dawn’s active  “space-holding;” her creative forces; and her personable and friendly nature allowed us to grow together while increasing the level of our programming.

Through the efforts of these women, our HTPA has been created in the alchemy of strong vision, caring, and commitment. The framework that they created will continue to be a strong foundation for us as we move forward. 

HTPA is a professional community of some of the most prolific and talented healers of our time.  When the right opportunities, the right tools, and the right support come together our community can be collectively and professionally empowered.  My intention is to bring you these opportunities, tools and support so that we can each evolve our personal models of professional service in order to bring more abundance to our practices and more healing to our communities.

This year, my focus is “us” and, to that end, strengthening the network of professional healers in our Healing Touch Professional Association community.  While supporting many of the wonderful offerings in place today, in the short term, I would like to dedicate time to the following responsibilities:

  • Support meaningful conversations and sharing
  • Create new tools and materials for our students, practice groups and clinics
  • Create meaningful programming and education specifically in support of building the perfect clientele base; and intentional Marketing (marketing with a capital “M” – Marketing with integrity and in alignment of our Spiritual purpose)
  • Provide additional resources for our instructors including updated forms and presentations and support in filling our classes.

I come to you with a background formed through a wonderful tenure in Corporate America. I worked for Fortune 100 (SAS Institute) and 500 (IBM) Companies.  In these positions, I cultivated experience in community building; communicating complex scientific and engineering information; people and project management; marketing writing; video and audio production; and creating and providing adult training programs.  

I live in a small three-stoplight town of Hillsborough, North Carolina; a charming little progressive Southern town with a strong culture of artists and writers.  I live with my wonderful husband, Blake – a healer in his own way, and three four legged ones – Lucy and Veda, our dogs and Meatball, our very impressive (and well known) cat.

I also come to you with a background in the healing arts and currently run a full- time Energy Medicine practice (locally and long distance).  The seeds of my healing journey were rich – visiting my father’s family funeral home; working on my mother’s Rhododendron nursery; and daily making choices in cultivating a life that is in right relationship with Mother Earth through ceremony and personal servitude.

I was also blessed with a life filled with the celebrating through arts and music.  The educational roots of my healing work come from the Healing Touch Program, Anatomy for Healers, coursework through Energy Medicine Specialists and others, and through years of personal and formal training with my mentor, Cyndi Dale. 

In my practice (, I specialize in intuitive mentoring for holistic practitioners (and mentoring through Healing Touch Program between levels 4-Certification) to help them increase their potential in the healing arts and work primarily with clients who are under "caregiver" stress - whether this be from caregiving to a family member or caregiving over their own life's stresses.

Because the healing arts have always been so important to me, I’ve often wondered (especially when living it) why I was led into an early career in high-tech Corporate America…  As I reflect, I realize that it was there that I cultivated tremendous experience that has become directly relevant in this next phase of my life’s work - supporting this amazing group of healing practitioners.  I feel ready to support you in becoming more empowered in the professional elements of your practice. I am excited to create programs that can help you be more effective in your outreach and influence. All of this, I hope, will also assist in bring more healing to our Planet. 

I look forward to getting to know you, your dreams, your wishes, your struggles and your ideas and meaningfully working toward the evolution of this new chapter of our Healing Touch Professional Association.

In service of your Service,

Amelia Vogler

 MS, HTCP/I, HTPA Executive Director

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