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    We have undergone a recent change in the way that our Chapter leads report their status and communicate to the rest of our groups!  Make your chapter easily visible to your local community and the larger international community, we have moved our HTPA Chapter Newsletter to the Member’s Only Facebook page.


    This Facebook page is a closed group designed for sharing, supporting, and spreading the word about Healing Touch and our Professional Association.  

    Chapter leads are current members of HTPA and you are invited to join our group through the link above.   Feel free to use this Facebook group to open discussions, share ideas, and provide support to others.  It is a closed group page, so members are approved by the HTPA office.

    On the first of every month, you will receive an email from our National Chapter Lead, Pamela Searles, reminding you to post news about your local chapter to the Facebook HTPA Member’s Group.  This sharing of ideas, events, and gatherings inspires and informs other chapters around the world!  The sharing of ideas is so important because you never know how your activity will inspire others.  Sometimes people just need an idea to get them started.

     Here's an example post from one of our Chapter leads. Notice how she used her Chapter Logo in the post! This makes it very easy to spot "Chapter News"!

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    July 31, 2017

    The Healing Touch Professional Association (HTPA) is excited to announce the following extension of our association's fund through the Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation to support practitioners, students, and instructor's participation at local and regional health fairs (or conferences) as exhibitors (having a table or a booth at an event to promote the awareness of Healing Touch and a personal practice (or practices - if more that one individual is sharing the booth).

    The goals of this grant include:

    • To provide access for our local Healing Touch community members to support their private practices and increase community awareness of their services.
    • To empower our local Healing Touch community members with an opportunity to educate others about Healing Touch.
    • To provide Healing Touch Program's presence in charitable and community events for increased awareness.
    • To increase visibility to the Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation.
    This grant provides up to $350 reimbursement towards a tabling or exhibition fee at a community event or conference; up to $15 reimbursement towards snacks or treats; an "Exhibition Kit" sent from Healing Touch Program that includes marketing and PR materials for Healing Touch Program, Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation, and Healing Touch Professional Association (and up to $30 shipping reimbursement); reasonable travel expenses are covered up to 250 miles; and the grant allows for practitioners to provide information about their own local practices, network, and have representation at local events.  

    I am grateful and honored to have worked with the wonderful team at the Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation and in partnership with Chris and Lisa Gordon at Healing Touch Program to make this grant possible for our community of amazing practitioners, students, and instructors!

    Additional details about this grant; how to apply, and specific requirements will be provided as they are available.
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    The wait is over!  Our custom chapter logos are now available and we need your help to get them created with your chapter name!

    Preview of the new logos:

    This means that for us to create your logo for you, we need your chapter name! We invite you to add this information to your on the Manage Chapter page and then look forward to your custom logo to be e-mailed to you.  

    To Update Your Chapter Directory:

    1. Log in to the HTPA Website on the Manage Chapter page:

    2. Use the search field to search on your name or your city to find your chapter in the list.

    3. In the row with your Chapter, click Edit under More Options.  The fields become editable.

    5. Enter your chapter name in the Chapter Name field. 
         Hint:  Do not add the word "chapter" to your chapter name.

    4. Please review all of your chapter information and ensure that it is all correct.  (Did you know you can update this information anytime? Help us keep your chapter information current by periodically checking the information time to time.)

    5. Click Save & close.

    Shoot us an e-mail and let me know that you've updated your chapter name (and do please give me the chapter name, too) and we'll get right on this!
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    Topic of conversation:  Charging for Healing Touch Sessions

    The evening began with Amelia began the evening with a blessing and a brief synopsis of all that she is working on and developing.  The information is available on the website.  Then, Amelia introduced Cindy Parsons as the new facilitator for Conversations that Matter, part of the HTPA Community Conversations series.

    Cindy began the conversation by listing many topics people have around the discussion of charging for HT.

    Do you charge? How much? How long are your sessions? What is your locale?   (urban vs. rural) Are you charging enough? What do you charge as a HT student, practitioner, apprentice, certified practitioner?  Do you have other modalities? Do you charge the same for your other modality as you do for HT?  If not, is HT more or less? I hear many people say they are afraid to charge - Is that OK? If you don’t charge, do you ask for donations?   If you don’t charge, does that undermine your neighboring practitioners? If you volunteer, do you charge?  same amount or lower rate?  Donations? “Don’t let other people shop with your wallet?”  What does that mean?  (It means don’t under value your worth or, charge what you are worth.)


    We actually spoke with all the callers about what they charge.

    It was an interesting call with a lot of interactive Q&A’s.  There were a lot of HT students and practitioners on the phone.  They were very interested in what people were charging, how long the sessions were, and how to determine what to charge.

    The fees varied, many people had packages.  The practitioners felt that a package drew clients in and then offered incentives to long term clients to keep them coming back.  One con of having a package, once the package is complete, how do you keep the client returning.  Someone suggested changing the verbiage.  For example, if you offer a 3 session package, state; “You should start with a 3 session package over a 6 week period of time.  When those sessions are complete, we will reevaluate how often you should return for treatment.”  The thought is, you entice people to try HT over a defined period of time, make sure they get enough treatments that they will see a benefit, and you set the intention that they will return on a regular basis.


    There was a lot of discussion regarding volunteering HT vs. charging for HT. 

    A caller from MN stated:   Her biggest challenge is the other practitioners who volunteer all their services  She would like to ask her fellow practitioners to please charge for your services.  She clarified there is a value to volunteerism and she does volunteer HT services.  However, as practitioners, we’ve invested time and money into this career.  We deserve to be fairly paid as we want to make this our full time job.  She said, many people are retired and have time to volunteer.  Very few young people are in the HT community because they need to eat, they need to be paid.  A few places, hospitals and rehab centers have hired HT practitioners.  This caller was talking to a physician.  The physician told her, “When you don’t charge for what you do, you disrespect your career and craft.”

    How to determine your fee:

    Many people said, they meditated and asked the universe for guidance.  Many people felt they undercharged for what they offered.  There was a lot of hesitation to increase their price based on locale, client type,  Some callers have used a business coach to help set their fee and improve the number of clients they were seeing.  Another caller asked who has a full time HT practice, how many clients do you see per week and how do you monitor your energy?  This will be discussed further at the next call.

    Amelia shared her information regarding a corporate wellness program she is providing.

    There was a question about, did anyone work in a facility strictly as a HTCP practitioner, if so, what was the hourly/salary rate?  No one on the call works in that capacity.

    Fees from around the country.  The country was well represented with some rural and a lot of urban practitioners.












    $597 - 3 SESSIONS  then $150/SESSION

    Does aromatherapy and guided imagery with HT




    $90 minimum   Sessions last 1.5-2.5 hours



    Didn’t say

    Trying to build a business in area with a lot of HT volunteer clinics



    $125 1st session

    $95 - other sessions

    Clientele - cancer patients - Has mobile HT business  - Charges $25 drive time fee




    Apprentice - plans on increasing when HTCP

    NY - Albany



    Apprentice, feels good with the amount she receives.  Volunteers, do what your heart tells you.  Charge something for the value of what you are offering.




    HTP - does some volunteer work



    Package $450/5 sessions

    also does psychotherapy




    Returning clients - $50 session if commit to monthly sessions.


    Mobile service

    Package $300/5 sessions

    Clients are caregiver and wounded warriors.



    $90/session, donations,

    less for students, wants HT accessible to everyone.



    $240 - 2 hr. intake

    $125/1.25 hours





    $50/children - 30 minutes

    Offers packages and payment plans.







    $60 non member

    $45 member

    Paid to Y, not to the practitioners

    NY -upstate



    no one blinks an eye at the charge




    rents office, needed to charge more than home office.






    May 23 is our next Conversations that Matter Open Call:

    Discussing the ‘Pros and Cons of working in an office vs. a home office.  View more information here.

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    Healing Touch Program:  Foundational Concepts & Principals

    On February 23,  Amelia Vogler (HTPA Executive Director) moderated a call with Cynthia Hutchison (HTP Educational Program Director) about the Foundational Concepts and Principals in the Healing Touch Curriculum. 

    See the On-Demand page to access the recording.

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    On June 29th and July 06,  Amelia Vogler (HTPA Executive Director) talked with Sharla Jacobs (Thrive Academy) about new ways of thinking about "Attracting your perfect clients." In these wonderful calls, Sharla shared some mistakes she made; some lessons she learned; and some new ways of thinking about client attraction through her a heart-centered holistic model.

    Here are a few of Sharla's key teachings:

    Picking your business name or answering the question "What Do You Do?

    Suggestion 1:  You really must consider your client's perspective when you select a business name or start answering the question "What do you do?"  To do this, don't think about what you do in terms of your education, don't describe the modality, think about what your client's needs are.

    Suggestion 2:  Be very specific about what you do. If you think about terms like "transformation" or "whole-body healing" what does that mean to the lay person?  You want to look at from where the lay person is coming to you from  - usually.

    Suggestion 3:  Get really clear about what the problems are of those who like to work with you.   You might even look at specific symptoms or states. "Stress" is too general but "Back pain" or "Headaches" are very specific. Being more specific helps people to really get clear about how you can help them.

    Your clients have to know THIS before they get started working with you...

    Your clients must know that you know how to address their fears before they will work with you. They want to know that you offer confidentiality; that you are certified and insured; that there are no contraindications to our work; that you work in complement with their current medical care.  In this tip, Sharla asked us to consider the fears that our new clients might bring to us and address those without them having to vocalize them. 

    What do you say when someone asks you "What Do You Do?"

    Remember:  They are not asking you "What do you do?"  they are asking you "How do you help people?"  The answer to this question is completely different.  Sharla offered us a template to help us think about crafting our "What Do You Do" statement. You might try to work with this short template to help you language how you help people:
      "You know how people have _______ , well I help them _______."  

    What are some mindshifts that we must make when we have the "money conversations" with a client:

    Mindshift 1:  Just because a client says "they can't afford you" doesn't really mean they can't afford to work with you.  It means they haven't felt the value of their own healing and your work yet.

    Mindshift 2:  Set intention that the money conversation be a transformative and inspiring experience (rather than holding the intention that a person needs to say "yes" to your service.

    Mindshift 3:   Realize that when people invest in your service it is a good thing. It isn't something that is taking away from them, your service is something that adds to their life.

    Mindshift 4:  They are investing in their future - not you.  Taking yourself out of the equation makes the money conversations so much easier.

    Mindshift 5:  Embrace their "YES" or their "NO".

    Mindshift 6: Walk the talk.  Embrace your own healing needs and follow through with the self-care and business-care that you need for your own service.

    What are the five elements to your system around having authentic conversations?
    Sharla shares that each of your new client conversations must include all of these elements:

    Element 1:  Connection:  Create meaningful connection by asking thoughtful questions, by being heart-centered, and listening intently.

    Element 2:  Service In your own consciousness or energy, hold the intention that you are showing up to be in service to this person. 

    Element 3:  Acknowledgement:  People want to be heard so acknowledge what you are hearing as the individual is talking with you.

    Element 4:  Curiosity: Ask questions from a place of love and caring and service.  There are three questions that come from a coaching background that can be useful (see the next section).

    Element 5: Choice:  Give them a choice about whether they want to work with you.  Do not be demanding, acknowledge that they might not want to.

    What are the three questions that you must ask if a client says that they can't afford to work with you?

    Question 1:  How would you feel if you were in the same place one year from now? 

    Question 2:  If it wasn't for the money would you move forward with this service? 

    Question  3:  What would you need to get out of this service to make this worthwhile for you?

    The replays of these interviews are located here.

    This training was part of our HTPA Business-Support Series

    The HTPA recognizes that as Healing Touch Practitioners our work is heart-centered and full of integrity, and we strive to empower you with new business-specific information that is in support of your sharing your gifts without compromising these core values.   We aim to provide you with new information that can offer you new ways of thinking about your business practices so that you may share your work and create a practice that is sustainable and supportive for you.

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    Dear HTPA Community,

    It is an honor to be stepping into this new role as your HTPA Executive Director. Before I tell you a little about myself and my plans for HTPA, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the following women:

    Janet Mentgen – our founder of Healing Touch Program.  Janet’s dedication to her own personal and spiritual mission gave an opportunity for the HTPA.

    Sharon Robbins - our visionary and creator of the HTPA organization. Sharon’s visions of professionalism, kind leadership style and high integrity created the base for the work that we will continue to evolve together.  

    Dawn Warnaca - our acting HTPA Executive Director.  Dawn’s spark and magnetic charge was an essential element in reviving the energy around HTPA during a transitional time.  Dawn’s active  “space-holding;” her creative forces; and her personable and friendly nature allowed us to grow together while increasing the level of our programming.

    Through the efforts of these women, our HTPA has been created in the alchemy of strong vision, caring, and commitment. The framework that they created will continue to be a strong foundation for us as we move forward. 

    HTPA is a professional community of some of the most prolific and talented healers of our time.  When the right opportunities, the right tools, and the right support come together our community can be collectively and professionally empowered.  My intention is to bring you these opportunities, tools and support so that we can each evolve our personal models of professional service in order to bring more abundance to our practices and more healing to our communities.

    This year, my focus is “us” and, to that end, strengthening the network of professional healers in our Healing Touch Professional Association community.  While supporting many of the wonderful offerings in place today, in the short term, I would like to dedicate time to the following responsibilities:

    • Support meaningful conversations and sharing
    • Create new tools and materials for our students, practice groups and clinics
    • Create meaningful programming and education specifically in support of building the perfect clientele base; and intentional Marketing (marketing with a capital “M” – Marketing with integrity and in alignment of our Spiritual purpose)
    • Provide additional resources for our instructors including updated forms and presentations and support in filling our classes.

    I come to you with a background formed through a wonderful tenure in Corporate America. I worked for Fortune 100 (SAS Institute) and 500 (IBM) Companies.  In these positions, I cultivated experience in community building; communicating complex scientific and engineering information; people and project management; marketing writing; video and audio production; and creating and providing adult training programs.  

    I live in a small three-stoplight town of Hillsborough, North Carolina; a charming little progressive Southern town with a strong culture of artists and writers.  I live with my wonderful husband, Blake – a healer in his own way, and three four legged ones – Lucy and Veda, our dogs and Meatball, our very impressive (and well known) cat.

    I also come to you with a background in the healing arts and currently run a full- time Energy Medicine practice (locally and long distance).  The seeds of my healing journey were rich – visiting my father’s family funeral home; working on my mother’s Rhododendron nursery; and daily making choices in cultivating a life that is in right relationship with Mother Earth through ceremony and personal servitude.

    I was also blessed with a life filled with the celebrating through arts and music.  The educational roots of my healing work come from the Healing Touch Program, Anatomy for Healers, coursework through Energy Medicine Specialists and others, and through years of personal and formal training with my mentor, Cyndi Dale. 

    In my practice (www.ameliavogler.com), I specialize in intuitive mentoring for holistic practitioners (and mentoring through Healing Touch Program between levels 4-Certification) to help them increase their potential in the healing arts and work primarily with clients who are under "caregiver" stress - whether this be from caregiving to a family member or caregiving over their own life's stresses.

    Because the healing arts have always been so important to me, I’ve often wondered (especially when living it) why I was led into an early career in high-tech Corporate America…  As I reflect, I realize that it was there that I cultivated tremendous experience that has become directly relevant in this next phase of my life’s work - supporting this amazing group of healing practitioners.  I feel ready to support you in becoming more empowered in the professional elements of your practice. I am excited to create programs that can help you be more effective in your outreach and influence. All of this, I hope, will also assist in bring more healing to our Planet. 

    I look forward to getting to know you, your dreams, your wishes, your struggles and your ideas and meaningfully working toward the evolution of this new chapter of our Healing Touch Professional Association.

    In service of your Service,

    Amelia Vogler

     MS, HTCP/I, HTPA Executive Director

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